Your approval is our greatest reward

Greenwood Gives Charitable Foundation is dedicated to raising funds to support women in need. The vision of this charity is focused on supporting women in communities around the Greater Toronto Area. It is a cause that is near and dear to our hearts.

The Retirement Home sector is unique in its predominantly female population.Our homes support a majority of female residents, are led by many successful female leaders, and the sector offers opportunities for female managers and team members as well. We know that our homes would not be the successful, caring residences that they are without strong, supported women. It is time for us to support those who have been less fortunate.

As President of Greenwood Retirement Communities, Miri Hadas Koller has always been an advocate for women. She is an ardent, brave leader in an industry that abounds in women. She pursues lifelong learning and development, and gives her whole self to her work. Recognizing the success of an empathetic leadership approach, Greenwood Gives Charitable Foundation endeavors to further impact women in the greater community, by supporting them not only in their time of need, but in their own growth and development.

Founded in 2019, Greenwood Gives Charitable Foundation is a registered charity that will dedicate funds to individual agencies in the communities in which the Greenwood Retirement Homes are located. Those agencies will be determined based on the needs of each unique community.